Senior Physiotherapist

Women’s Health Rehabilitation Physio portrait of Yogita

Yogita has 9+ years of experience working as a registered physiotherapist and works as a senior physiotherapist at both our Ealing and Bayswater branches.

Yogi qualified with an Honours degree from Pune, India with substantial exposure to ICU recovery, post-surgical care, cardio-respiratory rehabilitation, joint replacement and other orthopaedic surgeries. Her fascination towards neurosciences led her to a post-graduation specialising in neuro-rehabilitation where her clinical acumen was honed for both adult and paediatric population. Her conference and journal publications on postural control have been cited by many international peer reviewed journals. Since then she has worked in many private hospitals, clinics and sports settings focusing on neuro-musculoskeletal and cancer rehabilitation in India and UK. She strongly believes that every person can reach beyond their highest goals when they consciously exploit the humbling strength of their will-power.

To keep abreast of recent advances in the science of "chronic pain" and "muscle memory", she completed an advanced MSc in neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy at King’s College London. She joined Omphysio clinic shortly after having served at few NHS trusts and volunteered at Orchard Hill College. With her clinical expertise and calming presence, she has expanded her caseload at our Ealing as well as Bayswater branches. She uses her knowledge in neuro-motor analysis and cognitive functioning to get the desired results in chronic conditions, prevent reinjuries and improve physical functioning. Her empathic, practical, person-centred holistic approach is appreciated by all her clients. She specialises in neurosciences, spine, sports, paediatrics and women’s health issues. In her spare time, she enjoys trekking, running and cooking. She counts on traditional yoga and meditation to keep herself fit.

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