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Pre-Ski Assessment and Ski Endurance

Skiing is a skill based activity, which requires aerobic and anaerobic muscles strength in your leg muscles. Having a strong core, and an agile upper body will only add to a good experience while you are on the ski slopes. Ski endurance and ski fitness regime is all about getting those leg muscles going. Aerobic exercises like cycling, running, cross trainer are good to get those leg muscles more in tune before coming off the slopes. Our experienced team can help you design a programme, which will suit your needs and will be tailor made to your liking. There is not point having a set of exercises, which you don’t enjoy.

Ski Injury Rehabilitation

40% of injuries on the slopes are Knee injuries. ACL MCL and meniscus injuries are common due to a fall while you are skiing. Usually these injuries might result in corrective surgery. Our team at the Omphysio clinic will be able to help you with post-operative rehabilitation. The rehabilitation plan consists of building quadriceps and leg strength, proprioceptive work, followed by static and dynamic stability work for the knee and leg muscles.

Other Ski injuries:

  • Hand and thumb injury
  • Head and neck injury

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