Post-natal Massage

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The post-natal massage, also called as the postpartum massage, is basically therapeutic massage administered to women after child birth. It is physically and emotionally challenging time as you get used to your new role as a mother, while still slowly recovering from the strain of birth and preceding 9 months. Our post-natal massage helps you tide over the new aches and pain which may occur when you are nursing, carrying, lifting and holding your baby - often in prolonged awkward positions. Scientifically, it has been found that massage can help optimise the levels of ‘happy hormone’ serotonin and ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin; both crucial for enhancing a comprehensive physiological and psychological recovery.

How do we help?

As a mother, all your energies are focussed on your baby. Our therapists are specially trained here to help you relax; soothe the tension in your muscles and focussing on your unique needs. Our relaxing and nurturing hour of massage eases away muscle tension leaving you re-energized, balanced and motivated. Before we begin the treatment, we establish a thorough understanding of your journey through the motherhood, combing out details which tell us about your overall health, requirements and goals to ensure a complete and holistic recovery. Mothers usually prefer an hour or 90min each session which gives us sufficient time to work on all the sore muscles. For the massage, you will be lying on your side or on your front with optimal cushioning under your chest to reduce the undue pressure on your breasts. The extra cushioning is just to reassure optimal cosiness while you enjoy your massage in the position which is most comfortable to you. The massage techniques are performed gently to avoid post-session fatigue and often include Swedish techniques, lymphatic drainage and trigger point work as indicated.

What are the precautions I need to take?

Postnatal massage is as beneficial and safe as a prenatal massage. While you may begin receiving a massage as soon as you are comfortable after a vaginal delivery; it is prudent to wait for at least 6 weeks after a Caesarean delivery. You may confirm your suitability for the massage with your midwife and/ or doctor if there were any complications during the birthing. We recommend sessions kept at 1-3 weeks’ interval for the first 4-6 months after childbirth for optimising your well-being and recovery. The needs of motherhood are complex and keep ever-changing with the growing demands of baby care. Our team at Omphysio is always available to reassure you on any queries and guide you through your new life as a mother.

What are the benefits of post-natal massage?

  • Induces relaxation and well-being
  • Improves sleep and breast-feeding
  • Optimises circulation and reduces swelling
  • Prevents and remediates postnatal depression and anxiety
  • Reduces overall pain and muscle ache from never-ending baby care
  • Prevents neuropathies which arise from the prolonged postures
  • Improves postural awareness and boosts pain-free mobility
  • Promotes scar tissue mobility and recovery after caesarean delivery
  • Alleviates mechanical triggers of stress and reduces stress induced headaches and spasms
  • Provides a valuable ‘me-time’ where you can take a step back from the stresses of motherhood and parenting

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